How does it work?

The step-by-step plan:

Step 1:

Take the test

The Braverman test consists of a 32-part extensive questionnaire. You answer the questions:

Part 1: Determining your dominant nature

Answer the questions as you usually feel. For example, if you had a bad night’s sleep and are tired today, answer the questions as you feel on a more usual day.

Part 2: Deficiency Determination

The second part of the Braverman Test helps determine your deficiencies of the four neurotransmitters. Answer the questions as you feel right now. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been experiencing these symptoms or whether they first appeared today, for example.

Step 2:

You pay for the report

Only $ 19.99

You can only pay by credit card. So keep your details to hand.

Step 3:

Receive your Braverman test results and personal recommendations:

You will receive 3 documents from us:
  • The complete overview with answers to the questions;
  • Only your scores without answers to the questions. You can share this with your possible practitioner;
  • Your personal neurotransmitter profile with personalized recommendations on nutrition, lifestyle and supplements.

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